Sumako: Creator of the Astrology Graph

Sumako is a third-generation Metaphysician, Psychic, Occultist, and Astrologer who has been helping many with his spiritual skills for more than 30 years.

Sumako’s proprietary Astrology Graph System (AGS) was designed to make astrology more accessible and simplified for people who don’t have the bandwidth to learn the complex, detailed minutiae and symbols of an astrological chart.

Sumako’s AGS teaches you self-mastery for attracting peace, love and success in your life. Most of Sumako’s clients learn to use his signature AGS as a tool for their own self-reflection and guidance.

Sumako’s Astrology Graph System Helps You

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Understand your life’s purpose
  • Attract and build better, more lasting and loving relationships
  • Map out your career(s) and financial opportunities
  • Safeguard your health
  • “Turn on” your awareness

Sumako’s readings provide gentle guidance and spirituality coaching for a lasting impact in helping you navigate a more successful future.

Sumako has taught his Astrology Graph key word system in classes at metaphysical organizations and community colleges.

Out side of  his metaphysical practice, Sumako currently runs the ‘Let’s Sample This’ electronic music YouTube channel, and he performs regularly in the city of Long Beach with his improvisational electronic band, Toaster Music. Sumako is also a visual artist, and curates many gallery shows in and around Long Beach.